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- Der tages forbehold for fejl og mangler -
First Love First Love Alan Jackson
Just A Memory Memories Are Made Of This Dean Brothers
Come Dance With Me Come Dance With Me Nancy Hays
Who Did You Call Darlin' Who Did You Call Darlin' Heather Myles
Streamlinin' Southern Streamline John Fogerty
Tush Push ??????? ???????
Shania's Moment From This Moment On Shania Twain
Red Hot Salsa Red Hot Salsa Dave Sheriff
Stitch It Up Elvis Medley The Deans
Ballymore Boys The Boys From Ballymore Shamrock
Mysterious Girl Mysterious Girl Peter André
Scrap It! Scrap Piece Of Paper Paul Brandt
Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Sweet Smile The Carpenters
Vertical Expression Vertical Expression The Deans
Rose Garden Rose Garden Scooter Lee
Rose-A-Lee Rose-A-Lee Smokie
Pretend Angelina Lou Bega
Body In Motion Angelina Lou Bega
Ribbon Of Highway Ribbon Of Highway Scooter Lee
The Picnic Polka Cowboy's Sweetheart LeAnn Rimes
Quando When Quando Quando Quando Quando Englebert Humperdink
Pizziricco Pizziricco The Mavericks
Jai' Du Boogie Jai' Du Boogie Scooter Lee
S.O.T.B.(Sex On The Beach) I Wanna Have Sex On The Beach T-Spoon
Porushka Poranya Porushka Poranya Bering Strait
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll Woolpackers
Fisher's Hornpipe Fisher's Hornpipe David Schnaufer
Cruisin' Me & Maxine The Deans
Sweet Nothing Sweet Nothing The Deans

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